Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Road to Sucky Insurance

Why is nobody emphasizing that the reason we have an employer-based, non-portable, comprehensive insurance system is because of 50 years of government "reforms"?

Insurance is an inefficient way to handle common medical occurrences. You've probably thought about how health insurance works completely differently than most insurance - in that normal insurance only deals with rare events, and is usually affordable and self-purchased.

One reason for this difference is that regulation has pushed us into employer-based systems through tax incentives and (historical) wage freezes - creating an artificial (i.e. non-voluntary) incentive for businesses to provide insurance as a benefit.

Yet further regulation stipulates what these plans must cover.

Thus we have the spectacle of employer-based, non-portable, comprehensive plans - foisted on us by lawmakers.

This scheme, together with Medicare, separates the costs of care from the people who have to pay for it. In which case, why wouldn't someone seek an MRI for a headache?

We need to get insurance out of our day-to-day medical needs by eliminating the regulatory carrots and sticks that have pushed us into this crazy scheme, and allow innovative businessmen to find ways to offer customers the health care they want, and let consumers voluntarily decide what is in their own best interest, without bureaucrats commanding them from on high.